Tumzee Tummy Time Pad


Kids Tummy Time:

Elevating your babies positioning can help reduce the severity of colic and reflux symptoms. A healthy choice besides the visual stimulation for babies most baby gyms & playmats offer.
Healthy Choice:

Tumzee has been used to alleviate congestion associated with acute colds or other lung and airway health concerns, helps prevent flat head syndrome.
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customers are saying
I feel like there's baby products for everything now. This one is to help make tummy time easier. It essentially gives them their tummy time while holding them up higher off the floor so they can see what's going on around them better rather than just a face plant in the floor.
First, I just wanted to say that my 10-week old son loves his Tumzee. He hated tummy time before and would be so tired from trying to hold his head up that he would fuss and give up-and his face would “shmush” on his play mat. He now uses his Tumzee and enjoys tummy time so much more!
NY Mommy
My 5 month old baby boy has always hated tummy time. Now, with the Tumzee, he is much happier. Since he is higher off the ground he is able to make better eye contact with me and can actively play with toys. I only wish that I had gotten this as soon as he had head/neck control as I feel that it would have saved us many tears.
My son loves having tummy time on his Tumzee. And can hold his head up really well, and he’s almost sitting too at 3 1/2 months cause of the strong muscles he’s developed because of how much he uses his Tumzee. It’s a great product! And I’ve recommended it to all of my friends with a new baby!